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FIGEC SA is a well-organized business unit, who as a public limited company and a microfinance institution has specific requirements that it must submit. Recognizing this challenge, FIGEC built its organization on good management practices such as provided by law and regulations.

 The panel of 24 shareholders shareholders has then delicated ten board members based on their competence and contributions to the company. FIGEC has shareholder and independent Directors.

 To maximize its efficiencies, many management committees have been established with clear awards. We have Audit Committee, Strategy and Development Committee, Human Resources Committee and Credit Committee. Outside the Audit Committee (Council control cell) and Credit Committee (from operations), other committees are advisory bodies but also proposal forces. At the head of the Board is elected a president.

 The Board of Directors appoints two officers, a Board Member and Deputy board member who are licensed by the Ministry of Finance after approval by COBAC. These officers are responsible implementation of shareholder’s tasks and vision by the company.



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