• How to Send / Receive money?

    Money Receiving and Sending procedures are easy and simple. Just go at a FIGEC’s branch and fill the appropriate form. If in doubt please call the receiver or the sender for more information. Be sure that the receiver has his or her national identity card.

  • What are our strengths?

    We are present in every major city in Cameroon and we are still expanding our network. Our staff ensures any security transactions. Our information System is usually up to date.

  • The sending / receiving is it national or international?

    Sending and receiving money can be done in and out of Cameroon.

  • How to get credit?

    Before asking credit, be sure you have an account in ours books. If ok, then just went to your account domiciliation agency, file a credit application and be answer at most 48 hours later.

Account opening agreement

Opening savings account is governed by an agreement. See it online and gain in time when registering.

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Us respond to your concerns

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Account Opening

Just open an account in our books is subject to agreement. Account opening