Great Savings realization


Finally in Cameroon, only 72 hours is sufficient for any clearance deal. Clear all goods…
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We are the best development partner for all your agricultural activities. Dear farmers, breeders, fish…
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Since 7 years, school reopening is not our client’s problem. Enjoy your life, we manage…
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Dear Brothers, investment in Cameroon is no longer a problem. FIGEC holds your hand. Rationalism,…
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Just after you business design, we manage funding together. Who says long-term project means Great…
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No need to possess a building to obtain a loan. Benefit from our solidarity credit,…
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Enjoy all business opportunities and boost your working capital through our funds. Bayam Sellam, Hairdressers,…
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Every Small and Medium Businesses can be or are helped for expansion of their services…
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We bring to you an efficient solution to household equipment to all salary earners. Due…
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Account opening agreement

Opening savings account is governed by an agreement. See it online and gain in time when registering.

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Account Opening

Just open an account in our books is subject to agreement. Account opening